Buried Alive

Muzak by pisaquaririse
December 24, 2008, 6:17 pm
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OH and speaking of music:

My EP should have been done by now. The music promise is yet to be broken.
Producer-boy has been mucking about in these last two weeks. Last week,
after two reschedules, he fumbles “I..uh.doh..you know..tonight? Yeah…you-uh…familyiscomingthroughtonight! Can’t do it!” In the famous words
of Meryl StreepOh ffs, if you’re going to lie at least lie quickly!” I cough up
patriarchal slime as I find myself rearing a threat of ***capitulism***: “Wellll, you get
paid when I get the mixez.” Ahh the clusterfuck I must tend to some days.
(whatamI doing? typing on this blog? someone stop me!)