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19th CoF–Call for Submissions by pisaquaririse
September 29, 2008, 1:02 am
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I’m gonna host the 19th Carnival of Radical Feminists. Saweeeet! And I’m sooo going to copy the last one with the theme idea. Two things I’m looking for actually:

1. Drawings–just to make it colorful, vibrant, interesting (not that all you fab writers lose appeal without pictures). Some ideas would be artistic representations of radical feminist humor, comics, goddesses, pop culture, etc. I’ll pretty much be accepting any form: multimedia, pencil and paper, graphics you create, etc. For example, I would totally have accepted that jumbled depiction of Medusa meets a pile-of-leaves pasted above. Yes I made it, hush. I’m calling her the Goddess of Fall Blogging. Make your own!

2. Interviews–I need willful contestants for this one. That means some of you will have to lose the mysterious aura (we can talk in Radfem Conspiracy code if need be). I’m actually really interested in how people arrive at their philosophies and perspectives. Archiving the herstory of radical feminist journeys, if you will. No need to be too personal–general questions with as much specifics as you find necessary or are comfortable offering. So if you are a commenter or blogger in the radical feminist blogo-thing please e-mail me! pisaquari@gmail.com

And of course, the Carnival will still include a slathering of brilliance from all corners of the radical feminist blogosphere. Please submit your favorites by October 7th!


The 19th Carnival of Radical Feminists has been extended two weeks–that means submissions will not be due until the 21st of this month.  The idea is to give each Carnival some breathing room–our Carnivals are so vast and extensive (wonderful!) that it seems too quick to have submissions due only a few weeks later.

So guess what!  That means all you hermits that haven’t e-mailed me yet have 2 more weeks to do so!  And did I mention I’m conducting interviews?  Don’t be shy…….

Thoughts about the extension welcomed in comments below.