Buried Alive

Orientation by pisaquaririse
August 17, 2009, 2:44 pm
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One of the BIG reasons I no longer believe in, or support the idea of,  sexual orientation has to do with our relationships to others’ body parts.  In most cases, to have a sexual orientation, is to have fetishized genitalia (or preference, one prefers [part]).

That’s ew.  Not because bodies are ew but because that creepy creepy preoccupation with others’ parts is (bodies are neither hawt nor ew, geddit?). Though I understand the reasoning behind using genitalia as a marker for certain kinds of socialization–hence not dating males because the chances they are sexist assholes is simply too HIGH– using genitalia as a visual marker for arousal or appeal is a fetishizing act and does not differ you in any way from another amateur pornographer:

Why must these vulgar specimens insist on its unique “beauty” when, in fact, a vulva is precisely as “beautiful” as an elbow or a nostril?


Note: the comeback tour is on indefinite hiatus.