Buried Alive

God is an American by pisaquaririse
June 17, 2008, 4:39 am
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In Better Late Than Never news–finally!  I only say Better Late Than Never because I’m one of those downer perspectivists who can’t read these sorts of stories without thinking of the many who never got to see their legal rights recognized.  Those who were first to kick and scream just to brim the decibels of human consciousness. 

But don’t let me fool you!  I find this rather *awesome* and encourage everyone to check out the touching photos that accompany these stories.  The joyous weathered expressions in some of these pictures, on the faces of those with decades of courtship, are truly beautiful. How remarkable this must feel. 

And yet only 48 states to go!  Of course the big question in all this: is God first a God or an American?  Will God change the Bible to conform to the American laws as they are changed?  Will marriage lose God’s endorsement?  How does God-America’s legal consultant-view these changes?   As a nonChristian-forcefed-Teh-God-American I am endlessly fascinated by what all that God has managed to get into.  And how many must spend their lives detangling this God Law to have their “God given” rights. 

Only time tells I suppose.

But for now, God can come out of the closet and promise Himself to Himself in the presence of Himself if  his cloud happens to be flying over Massachusettes or California (maybe I should change this post to: God is a Californian/Massachussettan).  Which is still worth celebrating.