Buried Alive

Teacher Vs. Coach/Notary by sargari
November 11, 2007, 2:43 am
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The school system is infiltrated with teachers who reinforce the sexist, ageist, and racist ideals of this country. Being a mere 23 years old, male, and teaching in a local high school, I encounter ghouls of patriarchy on a daily basis.  Assuming the role of a baseball coach, and thus branded dominator of a group of dominators (young men), my status is somehow heightened within the school environment.  I feel as though I receive more respect than most teachers.  I am often asked “Isn’t that right coach,” as if I am end-all be-all to fact checking. Mind you, they never forget that word “coach”.  Oh now a male coach is in agreement so it must be true. Another example of this same patriarch dynamic would be when a mother tells her child, “I’m going to tell your dad how bad you were when he gets home”. Nothing is true until a male notarizes it.

If you were going to make a movie about porn debates you’d need the following characters by pisaquaririse
November 10, 2007, 6:37 am
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1)Ex porn “writer”/ “producer” guy whose wife makes all the costumes

2)Free Speechin’ loon bat whose only contribution is a restating of the First Amendment (passed and ratified *before* slavery was abolished or women had the right to vote)

3)The stripper/porn actress/nipple clamp fetishsta who *somehow* managed to get healthcare and a 401K plan while gathering most of her clients off Craigslist

4) MyPornSmellsLikeRoses.  Some people actually claim to have found and use the holy grail of the YayPornies’s position: pro-women porn!  Feminist porn!  Yes.  (when writing this role remember this person does not see themselves as- necessarily-pro-porn.  They too believe rape porn is “kinda icky” but not their beloved Annie Sprinkle collection.)

 5) Stop-judging-you-*meanies*-whinebag.  “Can’t everyone just get along?  I thought we were supposed to be helping each other!  If this is what feminism is about then I’m out!”  (exit scene).

 6) Radical Feminist.   

 Casting should be incredibly easy.

Kill off 1-5 in the first scene.  We all like happy endings.