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What’s a “lisbian”? (trigger warning) by pisaquaririse
September 9, 2008, 7:46 pm
Filed under: Antibodies, gender pimps, Grab a shovel, PUKE, rape extinction

In a depressing revelation, I have come to realize most of my hits these days are coming from PEDOPHILES.

So guess what. I’m making a list for the little turds, most of them probably men of good standing in their communities who think there is nothing wrong with their little internet habits, just in case they’d ever had a shroud of doubt…



little girls


little (body part) getting fucked/hammered/pounded/(insert violent term)

young teen




hot children

sexy kid


Yes, I’ve gotten all of these. In the past week.


barely legal

almost legal

almost illegal


older teen

No cookies for you. Just because you like girls fresh off the legal list! Disgusting.

Pedophiles are everywhere! Seriously, everywhere. If you are an older white man I already think you are a pedophile. Older white men are the first to go for the kiddos.

And anyways, back to the title of this post: just got a search for “older lisbians fucking young girls.” Don’t know if a lisbian is a lipstick lesbian or what but seriously nothing is off limits for these sickos. This is beginning to give me an idea for some cyber activism. Be back later…

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A lisbian is somebody from the isle of Lisbos. Actually I think it’s a spelling mistake – not only are you a perv mate, you’re a perv who can’t spell.

Comment by Polly Styrene

“A lisbian is somebody from the isle of Lisbos.”

You are so worldly Polly.

Comment by pisaquaririse

Maybe a lesbian with a lisp?

Ok, have to joke because otherwise I will puke.

Comment by buggle

Just so you know, you’re hits of this type of stuff will increase dramatically if you leave this list up. You can also report ip addresses for some of the obvious predators. Can’t recall the addy for reporting, but I’m guessing someone reading will probably be able to tell you where to report it if you are inclined.

Comment by Faith

Wouldn’t a lisbian be someone from Lisbon?

Comment by thebewilderness

Was the person looking for “lisbians” South African, I wonder….

Comment by witchywoo

Buggle, thebewilderness, witchywoo–all fantastic guesses.
However, I should let you know that I’ve conducted a cheezy wotsit study and discovered the highly complexical answer:
A lisbian is a lesbian who uses Listerine mouthwash.

Can’t argue those conclusive results.

Faith, welcome.
Yes, I know it will keep up searches and, while I don’t enjoy seeing them pop up, I rather like the idea of interrupting the perv’s quest for children. Even momentarily.
And I *have* been wondering about all this stuff (“stuff” for I am that ill-informed) for tracking IP’s. I don’t have a way of tracking the IP’s of these searches.

Any help folks?

Comment by pisaquaririse

“And I *have* been wondering about all this stuff (”stuff” for I am that ill-informed) for tracking IP’s. I don’t have a way of tracking the IP’s of these searches.”

Tracking IP’s is a pain on wordpress. Statcounter works quite well on blogger for tracking all relevant information. Unfortunately, even though I figured out how to install statcounter on wordpress, it won’t record IP addresses for some reason. This is actually why I switched from wordpress back to blogger even though wordpress is an overall better format. I’m sure there must be some way to do it, tho.

Should you figure it out, you can report them here: http://cybertipline.com

Comment by Faith

Statcounter works fine on standalone WordPress too, that’s what I use. You just have to paste the code they give you into your sidebar template. I don’t know if it works the same with their hosted blogs, but if you have access to your template code, you should be able to do it. If you have questions, let me know, I’ll be glad to help you.

Comment by Amy's Brain Today

Sometimes I don’t know how the earth keeps revolving around and around. Seems like the earth should stop, and scads and scads of men should be struck dead, and then a voice from beyond says, “Sorry it took me so long. I’ve been asleep at the wheel.” Then the earth starts turning again.

Comment by bonobobabe


You’ve given me an exuberant, breathtaking laugh!

Thanks for that.

I’ve been wondering that, & waiting, all my life!


Comment by Mary Sunshine

Faith and Amy’s Brain, thank you. That’s a great site Faith, I did not know about it.
And Amy–check e-mail please 🙂

Bonobobabe that’s quite a vision. Reminds me of a song by Tracy Bonham called “And The World Has The Nerve To Keep Turning.”
Mary and I appreciate the laugh.

Comment by pisaquaririse

I think it’s “lesbian” as pronounced by someone with a pauncey British accent, like Professor Phillip Barbay in Back to School.

Comment by Nine Deuce

If only…..

Comment by Polly Styrene

Bonobobabe for the win! Too bad landing on a radfem site doesn’t cause the child rapists to spontaneously combust.

Comment by Level Best



Can we say, kill me now? Not funny
Completely distrubed me

thought I’d share

Comment by Wugglit

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