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Generations Mizunderstood by pisaquaririse
April 15, 2008, 4:03 pm
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It’s happening again. An entire generation is misinterpreting their fashions, posturings, fads, social sayings, humour and inner muse with some type of new way of doing things. It’s bad enough they are missing the bigger point, wherein minus the cosmetics and faux hawks they are the same ole shit but let’s chew on this: they are generational traditionalists/ repeats (oh no she didn’t).

Suffice to say generations desperate to find their own identity are participating in the same old cycle–doing some crap cut/paste job of culture, (mix-matching vintage and eco-whatever) while “raising the bar” and calling it ME. This some how gets conflated into being contemporary/better/more interesting and along the way the elders are supposed to feel so out of touch that they smile weakly while fading into a depressingly silent background. Well that’s the idea isn’t it. Nothing new here folks.

Not only does this feed ageism but now it seems we need to officially introduce another -ism into the mix: generational-ism. For example, my uncle is a generationalist: after his generation and all their little cultural practices/hang-ups the world went to hell in a hand basket. I am a screw up by default of my birthday.

Similarly if the idea of cutting up hookers does not suit your fancy you are likely some living fossil like a 70’s disco queen or a hippy or a survivor of the Depression.

Meet the true Creator of Cuttin’ Up Hookers apparel: Mr. Wha-what! Stefan Kane. (No that is not a caricature drawing at the top of this post showing him and his friend at the movies…). Mr. Kane is the one who derserves your attention too. Unfortunately I cannot find a way to get a hold of him, save a myspace message. But you are in luck cuzz know what? I’m a Generation-isms expert and I already know his response: he is simply mizunderstood–a victim of the hatas. He’s got a message! A point! Something to SAY.

While you ponder whatever the fuck it is he has to say you should also know that yesterday Alex the printer and distributor of Cuttin’ Up Hookers had more to say to me on e-mail than blog. I e-mailed him originally very confused as to how he could come to my blog and say he had no affiliation with the shirts when the internet crumb trail lead right to him. Aw shucks! Turns out he was mizunderstood too!

You see he was deeply troubled by this False Alex misrepresenting his reputation and wanted his image as the printer and distributer, Not Creator, set straight! And as you will read some of his points, while better articulated, were not that far from fake Alex.

Of course I let him know his attempt to salvage these shirts on the “joke” or “free speech” grounds was nonngetiable. His biggest response to that was pease-o-pease just take down those awful words mizunderstandin’ my position.

Well he was talking to the wrong blog for that. My last e-mail to him went unanswered yet strangely enough I read today he is done with Cuttin’ Up Hookers? Or maybe he is just done printing them but he will still distribute them? Or maybe now he will create them but not distribute? Or maybe he’ll just hire the high schoolers that model them? These tiny details of rather innocuous measure that are supposed to set him apart from the shirts run parallel with the Mizunderstood Generation’s tedious obsession with being this not that.

And those of us who dare challenge such margins need to accept OUR lacking in understanding.

Well this underling of the Gen Y supposed-to-wear-cutting-up-hooker-shirts says piss off!

“You just don’t get it” is a cop out. “Straight up.” It’s been used by every Mizunderstood Generation that’s ever been. And anyone who doesn’t get that needs to get with the times!

**UPDATE**: I cannot seem to find the Cuttin’ Up Hookers apparel line from District Lines. Could it be…?  Oh and you should keep yourself posted on the myspace page for the guy who punches babies–seems he is standing up for his rizzights!

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Hilariously written post as always. “the world went to hell in a hand basket”. LOL!

I think it’s amazing that you keep poking at them for coming up with this crap. It’s a very difficult job, but someone has to remind them that somewhere out there there are people with half a human value who don’t “get” what is impossible to “get”. It’s offensive rubbish no matter how you slice it, no matter how many people find it funny.

Are you sure it’s not US interpreting the world the right way and everyone else MISinterpreting it?

Comment by Mary Tracy9

Mary Tracy of course we are *always* Right and everyone else is *always* Wrong!
It’s The Way.
:::leads Mary back to brainwashing vault:::

Comment by pisaquaririse

I am confused. Is is cos I is old?

Comment by Polly Styrene

Individual-ism wins they day – again (in a new and trendy sort of way, of course).

Comment by Arantxa

“Is is cos I is old?”

Depends. I think the cut-off point is 11.

Welcome Aranxta.
Are you saying Gen Y did not invent trends? Individualism?
Say it ain’t so!

Comment by pisaquari

Also I know this is OT, but WTF is that Roy Kay character on about in the thread below comparing this to the protocols of the Elders of Zion? Because why would anybody make up a fake my space page Roy – are they planning a pogrom against manufacturers of crap T shirts, or the owners of my space pages? Oh your theory is it’s to divide the left – well with the exception of your not so good self, it doesn’t seem to have worked with respect. I could point you to various things that I think are conspiracy theories to divide the left, but this would seem like a piss poor attempt to me. On the other hand I can imagine some dickhead sitting their thinking “what can I make that’s really cool and edgy – I know…”

Comment by polly styrene

[…] 16, 2008 · Filed under Uncategorized This was inspired by Pisaquari in her post Generation Mizunderstood. So it’s dedicated to her, ‘cuz she […]

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It is the same with SEX – they always think that they invented SEX. Like no one was doing SEX just a few years ago. Or at least it was very very different SEX from what the hippsta doodies do.

Comment by sparklematrix

HAHAHAHA, that graphic is priceless, just priceless. Did you make that with photoshop or something? You have to imagine them talking with Zoolander-like voices. Alas, pisaquari, you gave them no shoes!
Oh, my goddess I am probably going to put that as my wallpaper or put it on my facebook.
I hope Stefan Kane masturbates and subsequently chokes to death on his own cum. He’s clearly a worthless excuse for a human being.
I am a rather isolated member of Gen Y…. 😛

Comment by Lara

Yeah but whos got the patience to wait til he manages to toss off into his own gob? Like, has he even started to practice yet? Lets not be so narrowminded. Any means of choking will do.

Comment by Phemisaurus Terribilis

I think he has probably started to practice Phemi. It’s just a prelude to disappearing up his own arse. Generation whatever letter of the alphabet will eventually disappear by spontaneous self ingestion. I hope.

Comment by polly styrene

After generation Z what will happen?? ::cue music of doom::

Comment by Lara

Young people will start playing golf, dressing in tweeds and smoking pipes. Especially the women.

Comment by Polly Styrene

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