Buried Alive

Teacher Vs. Coach/Notary
November 11, 2007, 2:43 am
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The school system is infiltrated with teachers who reinforce the sexist, ageist, and racist ideals of this country. Being a mere 23 years old, male, and teaching in a local high school, I encounter ghouls of patriarchy on a daily basis.  Assuming the role of a baseball coach, and thus branded dominator of a group of dominators (young men), my status is somehow heightened within the school environment.  I feel as though I receive more respect than most teachers.  I am often asked “Isn’t that right coach,” as if I am end-all be-all to fact checking. Mind you, they never forget that word “coach”.  Oh now a male coach is in agreement so it must be true. Another example of this same patriarch dynamic would be when a mother tells her child, “I’m going to tell your dad how bad you were when he gets home”. Nothing is true until a male notarizes it.