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OH and speaking of music:

My EP should have been done by now. The music promise is yet to be broken.
Producer-boy has been mucking about in these last two weeks. Last week,
after two reschedules, he fumbles “I..uh.doh..you know..tonight? Yeah…you-uh…familyiscomingthroughtonight! Can’t do it!” In the famous words
of Meryl StreepOh ffs, if you’re going to lie at least lie quickly!” I cough up
patriarchal slime as I find myself rearing a threat of ***capitulism***: “Wellll, you get
paid when I get the mixez.” Ahh the clusterfuck I must tend to some days.
(whatamI doing? typing on this blog? someone stop me!)

19th Carnival of Radical Feminists
October 28, 2008, 8:27 pm
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“From an early age I knew my ambition was to be in a plot. Or several plots–I thought of it as a career. But no plots came my way. You have to apply for them, a friend of mine had told me. He’d been around, though he hadn’t been in any plots himself, so I took his advice and went down to the plot factory. As for everything else, there was an interview. So, said the youngish bored man behind the desk, you think you’ve got what it takes to be in a plot. What sort of character did you have in mind? He was fiddling with a list, running his felt-tip pen down it. Character? I said. Yes, that’s what we do here. Plots and characters. Well, I said, I might as well try out for the main character. Or one of them–I suppose every plot needs more than one. You can’t be a main character, he said bluntly. Why not? I said. Look in the mirror, he said. You’re an exotic. What do you mean, an exotic? I’m a respectable person. I don’t do kinky dancing. Exotic, he said in his bored voice. Consult the dictionary, Alien, foreign, coming in from the outside.”

“Plots for Exotics,” Margaret Atwood

Maybe you’re curious like me. How do people get from place to place, idea to idea? What’s their story? I’ve fascinated with the details of people’s personal journeys ever since discovering online feminism. The idea for interviews this time around is nothing more than my curiosity given a voice. I’ve not set out to prove any major trends between radical feminist stories–rather the opposite. You will find some similarities, perhaps every 2 interviews, but nothing notably more conclusive than the words themselves.

This has been such an enjoyable process–I will say it again and again: thank you wimmin, of the time and mind, for coming forward and sharing these personal journeys. I did not expect a great response at the outset–I anticipated an introverted bunch, not used to talking about themselves, shying away from the idea their life story was of any value (doesn’t that sound mean?). There are probably still a lot of those out there (note for future hosts: I am happy to pass along the interview website admin info should you wish to reel these wonderful wimmin in for future carnivals).

However, I am happy to say 9 wimmin eventually tip-toed their way into my inbox! Their stories are linked here, laced in with the rest of the wonderful submissions. Enjoy!

Amy Interview

I felt like being smart was all I had as a little fat girl who didn’t conform to femininity particularly well, who wasn’t attractive or charming or athletic. My attachment to book knowing is apparent on the website, although hopefully I’ve been able to transform loyalty to patriarchal knowledge into loyalty to feminist knowledge.

Demonista Interview

Radical feminism was a deep, long lasting kind of intellectual stimulation. Reading a couple points had my brain buzzing for days

Suzie at Echidne of the Snakes explains further why interpretations of drag (re: huge learning curve) under a patriarchy are not as subversive as some may like to believe.

Some people think drag subverts gender by bringing its performativity into the open. But parody works only if people get it. A straight man at a drag show does not necessarily think: “If that man can look and act like a woman, then that means my girlfriend and I are just performing gender.”

Allecto Interview

I’ve always been a radical feminist. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t see that there was serious dominance/submission issues in male/female relations.

Illustration by Own Smith

Nine Deuce at Rage Against the Manchine takes an ice pick to the issues and concepts differentiating “rights” and “privileges” for porn use. She even later goes onto assert men in relationships who deceitfully use porn are being emotionally abusive. Daring!

Deciding what falls under the rubric of “rights” is a difficult task, and gaining any kind of universal consensus (even on the most basic of human rights) is nearly impossible because the discussion is landmined with the participants’ conflicting cultural and religious values. Fuck, we haven’t even reached the point where we can agree that we all have the right to not be murdered.

Maggie Interview

Well, that day I was feeling bad. I discovered that there was a dimension of this world that i hadn’t known about. It seemed ‘mechanical’ and ‘inhuman’ to me; these are the 2 words i remember thinking.

Amananta at Screaming into the Void shows off her songwriting chops in a political parody of South Park’s “Blame Canada.”

White guy 4: My son could’ve been a doctor or a lawyer rich as me,
But he flunked out when he saw Hillary’s ugly face on tv
Everyone: Should we blame his study habits?
Should we blame his ADD?
Or the teachers who didn’t do their jobs?
White guy 1: heck no!
Everyone: Blame Hillary!

Samantha Berg Interview

When you’re in your anti-porn star shirt seriously discussing plans to humanure while ripping up old political placards into the compost pile for your organic garden, American affluenza seems more like slow suicide than a normal lifestyle.

Via binthebunny.wordpress.com

Via binthebunny.wordpress.com

Rebecca at her personal blog Rmott62 takes no prisoners with some fierce reality checking in “Abolition is a Dream” and “A Revolution in Me.”

They are black women and girls, they are indigenous women and girls, they are women and girls who have be fucked as children, they poor women and girls, they are homeless women and girls, they are addicted women and girls – mainly they are women and girls who have forgotten that they can hope.


Each time a man chooses to rape a prostitute, each time a man uses a prostitute as real-life porn, each a man batters a prostitute, each a man kills and throws away a prostitute – it is a slow destruction of all women rights to be fully human.

BBB Interview

I am stubborn, strong-willed, and as my mother and father can attest to, if you tell me to drop it, I’m going to continue talking about it.

Dr. Violet Socks at Reclusive Leftist scarily but beautifully recalls the day her once carefree hiking trips became a reminder of the inevitable: no woman lives free.

I turned back to the trail, deliberate-like, not running, trying not to be scared. Nothing very bad is happening here. I’m just going to continue on my hike. I will continue on my hike and I will drive home and I will make dinner. When I reached the trail I turned around. He was following me.

Julia Interview

How did I bring feminism to the countries I lived in? By being a woman on her own doing what I wanted. Traveling alone in Brazil was very rare for a woman, so was hiking, running…

Sonia at el parador califas tells of her own experiences with domestic violence and how the silencing effects manifest as an epic erasure of it’s pervasiveness.

my self-esteem was at issue, but that’s a setup. women having low self-esteem doesn’t occur in a vaccuum, and it’s not resultant of pms, or high levels of emotion or just being chicks. low self-esteem in women is a requirement for the social status quo.

Amananta Interview

Although I guess I was always feminist, inside. I have never met a woman who believed that the world was fair to women. I suppose the difference is in how women handle that.

Marcella Chester at abyss2hope reveals yet another mindless imbecile who sees his self control astonishingly dependent on womens’ actions.

He wants to be seen as no more responsible for his behavior than a TV is when a woman uses a remote control device. Yet I doubt that he sat as still as a TV when women turned him on.

Jenn Interview

If something really offends me, others may think that my reaction is extreme, but it’s usually the culmination of dozens of slights that just can’t be ignored anymore.

And for a good dose of laughs we end with a little preherstory lesson presented by none other than the great Phemisaurus.

Reason # 16254859*63%%() I am against marriage
October 15, 2008, 3:25 am
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Bachelor parties.

(Bachelorette parties don’t fall far behind.) Thankfully, for those still masochistically drawn to tradition, there are advice columns.

How to Deal with His Bachelor Parties

Is your fiancé looking forward to his “last night of freedom”?

Last night of freedom, oh golly…get this womenz:marrying you is akin to getting thrown in the slammer. Though you, in all your well-intentioned unknowing-ness, will be forced through coercion and commercial lies to be his nodding and approving servant, call girl, chef, grocery list, laundromat, toilet bowl cleaner, hershey-highway-underwear-stain remover, financially dependent child bearer/raiser/hated mother who actually believes her husband gave up his”freedom” the night before his wedding and thus would never cheat, who couldn’t divorce even if he did cheat because the money isn’t there or the idea of being alone/poor/manless has been conditioned to be more unappealing than dealing with his daily task of making you feel inferior and oh-so-lucky to iron his shirts and massage his smelly feet/groin …. it is YOU who is taking the freedom.

It’s an important guy ritual to blow off steam pre-wedding and for him to reassure his pals that he’s still “one of the guys” even though he’s making a commitment to marriage.

What’s this steam the author talks of? Anger? Fear? Gas? An insurmountable amount of stress from having to plan the most important Patriarchal Day and Duty of your life? No, it’s the dumbest, most underhanded metaphor for jizz I’ve ever heard. Confusing to boot. Come on–the only thing men are taught to ritualistically blow is their own load. Why must we couch it in bad metaphor like “seed” or “steam.” I mean the author does make this ritual sound pretty serious–the guy is getting married so I’m sure this super necessary seance is chock full of manly men things one can only do in their wife-less days of old. Like, for example, fly-fishing:

Bachelor parties aren’t exactly what they used to be. Rather than the stereotypical evening of strippers and stogies, many men today are opting for other types of parties. Taking a weekend trip with the guys — think outdoorsy activities like white-water rafting and fly-fishing

“Listen honey you’re about to take away all my freedom, I gotta go catch a rainbow trout.” ??? Oh and bull shit on a kabob that’s what he’s doing. I guess the author bought that line too. “Outdoorsy activities.” Hmm, sounds quaint. (note: if men go out in the woods it’s “outdoorsy, if a woman does it she’s “connecting with nature” or something). Anyways! Apparently men have to reassure the pack the new lady won’t be interfering with tubing events or asking too many questions when Hubby says he and the guys are going-code term for local strip joint-“fly fishing.”

Communicate Your Limits
Be open about your feelings. This doesn’t mean nag him endlessly; it means tell him what makes you uncomfortable. Saying, “Thinking about you hiring a stripper makes me feel unhappy” is very different than saying, “You’ll hire a stripper over my dead body.”

I can think of nothing more idiotic than waiting the night before *committing to someone for the rest of your life* to have a talk about boundaries. Not only that, the kind of boundaries that might constitute cheating. Or how the luvayalife views over half the world’s population as potential sex objects. (But I bet they have a wedding song picked out. awww) Anyways–when you do have that talk women don’t “nag” ffs, be considerate. He can only communicate in grade school counselor language: “When you ________ it makes me feel ______.” Really tell him whats up! (Likely, he’ll still hire the stripper but the idea is you didn’t use the right phrasing so his behavior is really ALL YOUR FAULT).

Remember Your Own
Don’t forget — you get to do this too. If your bachelorette party is going to be a spa day, that’s one thing, but if you’re hitting the town looking fabulous with your girlfriends, that’s totally another.

Oh equality! I almost forgot women want that and NOT liberation. Phew! Okay, so I think I got it: women going out “looking fabulous” is like getting to do????what great thing exactly? I’m confused–I thought men just went fishing these days. Or climbed trees. Now all of a sudden we’re back to hints of last-night-of-my-life-to-put-money-in-an-undergarment-omgah-            myfreedomtimer-is-running-out! Even assuming bachelorette parties also engage in the super awesome act of objectification, sexualization, pornification–is the message here that two assholes are better than one?

At least there’s good news:

Remember, there might be a lot of girls out there, but you are the only one who has to put up with his shit at home one he wants to marry.

wedded blisssssss…Cheers!

19th CoF–Call for Submissions
September 29, 2008, 1:02 am
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I’m gonna host the 19th Carnival of Radical Feminists. Saweeeet! And I’m sooo going to copy the last one with the theme idea. Two things I’m looking for actually:

1. Drawings–just to make it colorful, vibrant, interesting (not that all you fab writers lose appeal without pictures). Some ideas would be artistic representations of radical feminist humor, comics, goddesses, pop culture, etc. I’ll pretty much be accepting any form: multimedia, pencil and paper, graphics you create, etc. For example, I would totally have accepted that jumbled depiction of Medusa meets a pile-of-leaves pasted above. Yes I made it, hush. I’m calling her the Goddess of Fall Blogging. Make your own!

2. Interviews–I need willful contestants for this one. That means some of you will have to lose the mysterious aura (we can talk in Radfem Conspiracy code if need be). I’m actually really interested in how people arrive at their philosophies and perspectives. Archiving the herstory of radical feminist journeys, if you will. No need to be too personal–general questions with as much specifics as you find necessary or are comfortable offering. So if you are a commenter or blogger in the radical feminist blogo-thing please e-mail me! pisaquari@gmail.com

And of course, the Carnival will still include a slathering of brilliance from all corners of the radical feminist blogosphere. Please submit your favorites by October 7th!


The 19th Carnival of Radical Feminists has been extended two weeks–that means submissions will not be due until the 21st of this month.  The idea is to give each Carnival some breathing room–our Carnivals are so vast and extensive (wonderful!) that it seems too quick to have submissions due only a few weeks later.

So guess what!  That means all you hermits that haven’t e-mailed me yet have 2 more weeks to do so!  And did I mention I’m conducting interviews?  Don’t be shy…….

Thoughts about the extension welcomed in comments below.

Kids, stop embarrassing your parents
September 23, 2008, 9:11 pm
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Ever notice how unbelievably talentless the progeny of great artists can be?  Oh, but how they try.

Filling legendary shoes can be a daunting task so I try to be fair whenever assessing the 2nd generation of wannabe artistry.

However, there is simply no excuse for the son of James Taylor and Carly Simon to write a bad bad bad folk song about wanting to rape a girl.  None, no excuse.    Ben (that’s his name), your father wrote Fire and Ice–unless you’ve got Imagine waiting around the corner you will knowingly pale in any comparison (and yes you will be compared).  Not only is the melody boring and predictble but the lyrics are so profoundly dumb and creepy that I’m surprised you are getting to keep the last name.  Now, I like a blatant rapist as much as you apparently do (easier to spot and avoid) but who the hell let you out of the house with this crap?

The song, entitled   “Wicked Way” (you all can look it up–no link from me), sucks 5 minute old hairy turds.

Behold the first and last few lines:

I just want to take you out and get you drunk
So I can have my wicked way with you
Im just being honest ’cause I know the other guys
Are thinking just the same way too
And Im not gunna lie and say
That I will take you out to dance, there’s just no chance
‘Cause I don’t even like the same music you do
I just want to have my wicked way with you

Now, don’t you fight it
‘Cause I know you’re gonna like it
Show me some skin, I might bite it
I want to have my wicked way with you

Let us all now channel our inner Joni Mitchell and write a response…

What’s a “lisbian”? (trigger warning)
September 9, 2008, 7:46 pm
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In a depressing revelation, I have come to realize most of my hits these days are coming from PEDOPHILES.

So guess what. I’m making a list for the little turds, most of them probably men of good standing in their communities who think there is nothing wrong with their little internet habits, just in case they’d ever had a shroud of doubt…



little girls


little (body part) getting fucked/hammered/pounded/(insert violent term)

young teen




hot children

sexy kid


Yes, I’ve gotten all of these. In the past week.


barely legal

almost legal

almost illegal


older teen

No cookies for you. Just because you like girls fresh off the legal list! Disgusting.

Pedophiles are everywhere! Seriously, everywhere. If you are an older white man I already think you are a pedophile. Older white men are the first to go for the kiddos.

And anyways, back to the title of this post: just got a search for “older lisbians fucking young girls.” Don’t know if a lisbian is a lipstick lesbian or what but seriously nothing is off limits for these sickos. This is beginning to give me an idea for some cyber activism. Be back later…

Intermission, a poem
September 1, 2008, 8:04 pm
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If you haven’t already, vast and wide readership (there were 19 hits yesterday), do take a look at the marvelous new header atop my blog.  It’s marvelous.  Thank you Mary Tracy (hey everyone~show some love!) for the smashing artistry.   (We will get that sizing right, yet.)

In other bloggular news, things are still slow here you see.  Way slower than I had intended them to be.  I am not a lazy butt–I have been busy!!  For the curious, some news:

I am currently engrossed in 5-count 5!-musical projects.  Three out of the 5 are technically favors (to be returned? we shall see..), another is a band that is almost ready to gig but the problem is, like any band, it is made of musicians. And the last is my personal recording project which I am pouring myself into.  It is an emotional project, to say the least (p-blaming lyrics, alterna bluesy angry stuff), and very time-and-money-consuming.  So when I’m not busy filling the vocal and writing interests of 4 other music situations, I am working to afford my own thing.  Don’t ask me how I got pulled into all this because I’ll tell you: too many “yeah, sure, why nots,” semi-honest people relaying only *so much* the true extent for which they need me, and the crappy Life Luck that is everythinghappenallatonceokaygorightnow!

Still reading around of course.  Commenting tres lightly.  I don’t like commenting and then not having the time or energy to follow up–which would explain the lack of posts.   Don’t know when we’ll be seeing a pick up in posting either — I’m in the the thick of the messes right now.

All that said, I am planning to host a little *private* listening party here for my songs once they are finished.  Seeing as how so much of what I have to say, creatively, has been affected by feminism and the internets (of all things) I would like the internets to hear me holla back.  So you have it in writing: I owe you songs.


I was grabbing at inspiration today and picked up Atwoods “The Tent.”  The first poem I turned to was called “Bring Back Mom: An Invocation.”  The contents, of which I cannot grant you full access because it is so looooonng ( & in case you haven’t been reading, I haven’t the *time*) are too perfect for a radfem blog not to share.  I have copied down the end below.

Read it.  Then tell me something in comments I don’t know about you.

Bring Back Mom: An Invocation

If only we could call you-

Here Mom, Here Mom

and you would come clip-clopping

on your daytime Cuban heels,

smelling of sink and lilac,

(your bum encased in in the foundation garment

you’d peel off at night

with a sigh like a marsh exhaling),

saying, What is it now

and we could catch you

in a net, and cage you

in your bungalow, where you belong,

and make you stay-

Then everything would be all right

the way it was when we could play

till after dark on spring evenings,

then sleep without fear

because you threw yourself in front of the fear

and stopped it with your body-

And there you’ll be, in your cotton housecoat,

holding a wooden peg

between your teeth, as the washing flaps

on the clothesline you once briefly considered

hanging yourself with-

but forget that! There you’ll be,

singing a song of your own youth,

as though no time has passed,

and we can be careless again.

and embarrassed by you,

and ignore you as we used to,

and the holes in the world will be mended.

Conversation with my mother
August 18, 2008, 7:48 pm
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I just had an almost 2 hour conversation with my mother about, for lack of a better word, life.  Life of the present, future kind.  What’s going on, what will be going on, fears, worries.  Financial stress.  Family.  Dad. Me.  My future.  Love.

And it wouldn’t be such a big deal except that I don’t share much with my mother (or vice versa) who has presented herself as unemotional for most of my life.  Not that I don’t try but attempts are often met with laughter or exclamations that I “lighten up!”  I have many ideas for why this is but must bar feminism from any sort of announced reasoning as my mother finds feminism trivial.  (have I mentioned she and I are quite different?)

So 2 hours is quite a long time for us to share any sort of personal opinion because it happens too little.  Getting out our feelings together is startled by bursts of sadness as we discover how much has truly  gone unsaid.  Even telling each other we want the best for each other is hard because we are so unpracticed in meaningful conversations.  Built up emotion comes booming out at the most seemingly innocuous times because it has no where to go but out.

I say all this because it’s important I remind myself what’s going on–plus, I know I’m not the only one with these sorts of tangled family relationships.

We ended with a 5 minute hug and I decided, with difficulty, to make it known why it was hard for me to come to her as I did not want the moment to pass me by.  I let her know that the mockery of emotional sharing as well as the physical and verbal abuse I endured for a good bit of my time at home has always made it seem we can’t have a close relationship.  There is resentment and still a desire to be close.  Tear-ily, she told me she’d made bad parenting moves and that it keeps her up some nights now.  She said she was sorry.

I’ve never told her those things.   I’ve really wanted to for a really long time. If I had to choose 3 of the most important things I’ve wanted to happen in my life thus far this exchange would have been one of them.  And it just happened, maybe 20 minutes ago.

And I wanted to share.