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Kids, stop embarrassing your parents by pisaquaririse
September 23, 2008, 9:11 pm
Filed under: Grab a shovel, PUKE

Ever notice how unbelievably talentless the progeny of great artists can be?  Oh, but how they try.

Filling legendary shoes can be a daunting task so I try to be fair whenever assessing the 2nd generation of wannabe artistry.

However, there is simply no excuse for the son of James Taylor and Carly Simon to write a bad bad bad folk song about wanting to rape a girl.  None, no excuse.    Ben (that’s his name), your father wrote Fire and Ice–unless you’ve got Imagine waiting around the corner you will knowingly pale in any comparison (and yes you will be compared).  Not only is the melody boring and predictble but the lyrics are so profoundly dumb and creepy that I’m surprised you are getting to keep the last name.  Now, I like a blatant rapist as much as you apparently do (easier to spot and avoid) but who the hell let you out of the house with this crap?

The song, entitled   “Wicked Way” (you all can look it up–no link from me), sucks 5 minute old hairy turds.

Behold the first and last few lines:

I just want to take you out and get you drunk
So I can have my wicked way with you
Im just being honest ’cause I know the other guys
Are thinking just the same way too
And Im not gunna lie and say
That I will take you out to dance, there’s just no chance
‘Cause I don’t even like the same music you do
I just want to have my wicked way with you

Now, don’t you fight it
‘Cause I know you’re gonna like it
Show me some skin, I might bite it
I want to have my wicked way with you

Let us all now channel our inner Joni Mitchell and write a response…

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Well as I’m sure you know, James Taylor was himself no paragon of virtue when it came to his behavior towards women. So at least what’s-his-name comes by his f’ed-up misogyny honestly.

Comment by Amy's Brain Today

Thanks for the warning, would be the appropriate response, I suppose.
We have often wished that rapists and batterers came with a warning label. This one does.

Comment by thebewilderness

I hate when they try to romanticize it.

Comment by atheist woman


Comment by atheist woman

Oh dear, that didn’t work
Lets see



Comment by atheist woman

Gee, there’s nothing like advertising it loud and clear.

Comment by bonobobabe

“go fuck yourself instead you fuckwit”?

I think that’s what Joni would have said….

Comment by polly styrene

Actually, it was Andrea Dworkin who wrote “Fire and Ice” but “Fire and Rain” was pretty good – for a guy.

Comment by lookingglass07

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