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Stepping Out by pisaquaririse
June 23, 2008, 10:59 am
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I will be out of town today thru Wednesday.

Apologies on a bit of sloooowness here at Buried Alive lately.  I actually have several posts in my head but cannot seem to get them out without writing novels.  So: probably looking at more series upon my grand return.

Open thread.


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Random comment just to say “hi!”

Comment by stormy

“How are you?” in several different languages!:
Wie gehts? Ezayic? Comment ca va? Que Pasa? How are you?

😛 Just thought I’d make a random comment. Scary indeed.

Comment by rychousmama

I long for trolls, but never get them…..

Comment by Polly Styrene

Hiya, Pisaquari!

Looking forward to seeing you coming back… 🙂

Sisterhood, sisterhood!

Comment by Maggie Hays

Writing right now…
This thread was *not* scary enough–
Bring the fear!

Comment by pisaquaririse


Comment by sparklematrix

So then which Wednesday shall we plan to begin the celebration of your return? Cuz, yanno, It’s Saturday my friend, and you are a noshow, but we are here waiting with bated breath.

Comment by thebewilderness

Oh and by the way pisaquiri. Ain’t you weighing on trans wars part 9,000,0003?

Probably wise not to – I just wasted my whole weekend and STILL haven’t done 4 weeks ironing. (well I did go to Ikea yesterday so not total waste).

Comment by Polly Styrene

Listen people, not all at once. Buried Alive’s stats are off the charts right now! Busy busy.

Sparklematrix–thank you, my week long hiccups are gone!

Thebewilderness–I am not a noshow, I’m just being fashionably late. Laziness never looked this good.
Plus celebrating pisaquari is encouraged on this blog for *any* reason.

Oh and whatever are you talking about Polly? The only thing I see around these parts lately is radfemphobia.

(No, but on the REAL: you are so “Shizam!” with your posts that I don’t think I could say anything of great importance besides “yeah.” I would jump in that fray if you were being trolled but, alas, cowblog continues it’s rein of least-trolled- radfem-blog eva! How do you do it?
Oh and I gotta finish reading Sexing the Body now–its official. Fausto Sterling owes you a check after this weekend.)

Note2self: Long parenthetical statements lose their intended effect after reaching novel status.

Comment by pisaquaririse

How does cowblog manage not to be trolled. Simple?

I insist they use arguments. Proper arguments. Or I won’t engage. If you refuse to do it folks, I assume you can’t.

But also –
1) never name write about/anyone specifically (cos some folks just want attention, so don’t give it to them)
2)Don’t resort to their tactics (the Ad Hominem attack, or claiming that things were ‘just implied’ without explaining how or why). Keep using the logic. CITE YOUR AUTHORITY (that’s what legal training does folks) That’s why the threatened swarm to MAndrea’s doesn’t seem to have materialised so far. Unless she just deleted them cos she’s evol.

Mind you I haven’t looked at comments overnight, so I could have a whole troll colony by now.

Comment by polly styrene

NB Comments that just say ‘I concur with m’learned friend’ are always nice tho….

Comment by polly styrene

This has turned into a long week btw…

Comment by stormy

IBTP forum has shut down.
They are at a temp to sort how to rebuild.
email me if you want a link.

Comment by thebewilderness

I pr00mize people–I am writing!
I’ve got two little humps to get over then I’m home free.

Yes I heard Thebewilderness! (What will Sasha ever do?)
A link would be dandy.
Help me put off this post for another night. :/

Comment by pisaquari

Hey, pisaquari, I thought I’d let you and your readers know that I’ve created a new radfem discussion/consciousness-raising forum. Please read about it at my blog or join it here. Thanks, and I look forward to seeing you there.


Comment by L

Hey Pisaquarise
Can I add you to my blogroll? Thanks.

Comment by Lara

Yes of course you can link here Lara–Buried Alive gives any blog serious street cred. 😉

Comment by pisaquaririse

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