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Searches by pisaquaririse
June 11, 2008, 1:54 am
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My top and/or most fucked up searches of all time.


–I coined this term right?

“not anti-sex anti-sexy”

–Love it or hate it this one doesn’t miss a day without a click.


–Yes, an online “pimp” school.  I think you can earn an M.P.A.  (had to. don’t laugh. don’t encourage it)

“anti-sex anti-sexy”

–Close enough.

“feminists religion bloggers”

–Of course!

“buried alive can you escape the coffin”

–Very good question!  People are very curious/worried about being buried alive.

“alex tchekmeian feminist

–Those don’t belong in the same phrase (you all remember that fiasco right?)

“looks are everything”

–Absolutely not.  (I hope you stuck around)

“tasha torture clamp”

–Have not/Will not look this one up.

“fantasy rape images

— I’m making this face :< !!!

“hot sexually sexy

— This one is dumb stupidly moronic

“buried alive bdsm stories”

–Okay I’m sure I just *don’t get it* but are people now:::ahem!::: “Choosing/Consenting/Exercising all that Fucking Agency” to bury each other alive for orgasm?  (pssst–I’m sure the “tasha torture clamp” gets the same effect without all the trouble of having to secure a grave)

“wife watching men ejaculate”

–I got nothing.

girls humping each other

–Does Federal Prison have Wifi?

“sexy pics preteen girls bums”

–Because if it doesn’t

“preteen pedo sex models”

I’ve got some people

“preteen girls being fucked”

who need to turn themselves in

And that’s all folks!  Hope some of these searches have thoroughly pissed you off as that is Buried Alive’s sole objective.

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I’ve gotten quite a few porn-y searches myself, but the one that made me roll my eyes and laugh the most was “submissive women”.

Comment by L.M.

“menstrual rape pictures” is my personal favourite so far, conjuring up as it does such a lovely image of whoever it was who typed it into Google. Yesterday I got, “how to kill Mary Daly”, which just made me want to sing, “you can’t kill the spirit, she is like a mountain, she goes on and on…” 🙂

And, yeah, all the usual predictable people looking for porn – I always think they must be so disappointed when they end up at my blog instead.

Comment by Debi Crow

“submissive women”

Oh my L.M.–coming upon your site musta really killed that mood!

“menstrual rape pictures”


“how to kill Mary Daly”
Doesn’t that just make you want to do a post with her name in it (as many times as possible) about how awesome she is? Or links (like they do for porn) with “Mary Daly Master Assassination Plan” linking to one of those cute little kitten photos. It would say: ” FU Mary Daly Rulz.”

“I always think they must be so disappointed when they end up at my blog instead.”

…the only positive thing I can make out of these horrific searches (and that I, if only momentarily, keep these pedos from downloading raped and molested children).

Comment by pisaquaririse

My top searches are things with the word ‘drunk’ in them and strangely ‘Dr Alan Tutin’ (cos he was only mentioned once in a comment). And I get a lot of Judith Butler related ones (desperate students writing essays methinks) But my favourites ever were ‘drunk sperm’ ‘BDSM Cheltenham’ (the pictures that conjures up are just soooo scary)and ‘is it safe to go to bed when drunk’. Very few pervy ones fortunately….

Comment by polly styrene

There is actually a game that has Marx, Freud, and Daly as characters. You can take quests from them or just kill them. The game gets boring pretty quickly.

You can find it at aoedipus.net if you are interested.

Comment by Anne X

Welcome Anne X.

That is highly weird. Does Daly have the ability to kill Freud? I’m sure her character would like that much better.
“oedipus” = :::eye roll:::

Thanks for the heads up!

Comment by pisaquaririse

My favorite(?) is “man rubbing cock with dog’s cock”…..

Comment by sparklematrix

Oh bleeeuuuggggghhhh, I think you’ve won the horrible-search-term competition, Sparkle!

Comment by Debi Crow

Sparkle, that one has me ROTFL 😀

Comment by Mary Sunshine

“man rubbing cock with dog’s cock” and
“drunk sperm ” are almost tied for me. Drunk sperm is just so odd–I blame poor sex education.
However, bestiality gives me anger!

Comment by pisaquaririse

I’ve got “what if sperm were sentient” now – do I win? (yes I’m just soooo competitive).

Comment by Polly Styrene

This is a perfect illustration of why I am so very delighted that I do not have a blog. Blech.
Bless you all for putting up with such piles of putrefaction.

Comment by thebewilderness

Polly! I must know–to what post do you owe these sperm searches?
“yes I’m just soooo competitive”

It’s a tie I tell you! I’m the “everybody getsa trophy” coach. Such a giiiirrrll.

Bewilderness! If I believed in Brilliance Regulation I might vote for a law enforcing you (and a whole buncha others) to have a blog.
Where the hell you be these days?

Comment by pisaquaririse

Every sperm is sacred


Comment by polly styrene

oh ho ho my favorite was the person looking for funny doormats, they typed “oh shit not you again!”

Comment by m Andrea

Spinning Spinsters got a really weird search recently…something like “can drunken sperm penetrate clothing.”

Perhaps it’s the same guy who visted Polly with his “drunk sperm” search? Or else there are just lots of people out there who never got the Talk.

Comment by Dissenter

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