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My State Sucks by pisaquaririse
May 16, 2008, 3:25 am
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Georgia is stupid. It’s a Red State of all things (for my non US readers read: Republican, George Bush Lovin’, Good Ole Boys).

And Georgia men? Puh– I’ve known enough of them to know the one thing they cherish more than Dale Earnhardt stickers and a mile high truck lift is a virgin (white preferable).

Have you heard? (feministing.com) Sure you have! You know the drill feminists–get out your “I am officially un-rape-able” book–you know the one where you logged the info of all the people you’ve ” ever dated, or engaged in any sexual activity with, including their names, dates of interaction, and contact information.”

According to one Judge in Bibb County Georgia (other county names in Georgia include: Butts, Coffee), this sort of info is pertinent to determine one’s ability to have refused a sexual encounter (even a drugged one!). Your past sexual history can actually prove consent in a future sexual/possibly sexual encounter. Transferrable consent!

Like rollover minutes or something.

Of course the defining factor in this Georgia case is that the young woman was not a virgin. Not only that she had the audacity to accuse a young man on a high rung of the patriarchy: “the son of state Rep. Burke Day, whose family founded the Days Inn hotel chain.”

Maybe the Bibb Judge is just trying to get him a lifetime guaranteed stay at Days Inn? (I love me some Days Inn ya’ll!). For why else would he, after dismissing the woman’s two sexual violence claims on accounta prior hymen removal, also fine her $150,000 for wasting the court’s time with such a second class citizen??

Here is the fine Judge’s info:

Judge S. Phillip Brown
601 Mulberry Street
310 Bibb County Courthouse
Macon, GA 31201
Work Phone: 478-621-6328

Go ahead and send him all that information you’ve been keeping about every single person you’ve ever dated and/or had sexual contact with. Maybe if he already has it on file you will at least avoid the 150K fine.

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Fuck. Just…fuck. I can’t believe this, it’s like things are getting WORSE for women every damned day. I am so tempted to call that Judge asswipe and leave him a message detailing every single bit of sexual encounter I have ever had, including some not-so-pleasant experiences:

“On June 7th, 2002, at 12:35 am my hymen was ruptured…”

Argh. I don’t even know what to do with myself right now. Sorry if that was a rant.

Comment by Lara

Oh, and I live in red-as-heck Virginia, so I feel your rage.

Comment by Lara

See I’m pretty sure my hymen was ruptured when I was doing gymnastics at 8 or something.

“I live in red-as-heck Virginia”

So you are not far! πŸ™‚

Comment by pisaquaririse

I wonder what his fax number is, flooding fax machines can be a really great tool. The only way to stop it is to turn off the fax. Hee πŸ™‚

It IS insane, and things do seem like they are getting worse. Or else there is just more media coverage or something. No wonder I want to stay in bed all day.

Comment by buggle

I will look for the fax number buggle!!

Beds are nice. I use them for down times. Sometimes a “down time” can go for weeks!
And then the anger is too much and it’s all fire again.
Rest, and be well. Your support team is a click away!

Comment by pisaquaririse

I cannot believe that fine. I serioulsy can’t. It’s like a whole new property! What is that woman supposed to do? Work for another lifetime???
As someone said somewhere else, this will deter other women from speaking up, which is downright barbaric.

Note: are you sure you meant to link to my blog? ‘Cuz I have no info of any kind on Georgia or Burke someone or other.

Note2: re: beds. If anyone wants to share experiences of being “down” as a feminist, you can guest blogger on this new blog Crazy Like Us? which focuses on feminst mental health. It might help you to know you are not alone.

Comment by marytracy9

“are you sure you meant to link to my blog?”

Yep! I used your drawing to represent the “rung” of the patriarchy the perpetrator was on–it seemed very appropriate. You don’t have to approve the pingback if you don’t find it relevant enough.

Comment by pisaquaririse

I don’t understand πŸ˜› 1) You linked to the blog, not to a particular post, so I don’t know which doodle you are referring to.
2) (I didn’t even know you can “not” approve pingbacks) Of course I have no problem with you linking! If you think my doodle was appropriate to what you wanted to say, it’s all fine by me. After all, art is free for interpretation and I tend to agree with all your interpretations πŸ˜‰

Comment by marytracy9

Aha–I fixed the problem! For some reason I did not link to the specific post-doh. It’s a link to your newest *doodle*: the patriarchy pyramid.

Sorry for the confusion.

Comment by pisaquaririse

This judge should be voted out as soon as possible! For the time of their terms they can be little tyrants, but sometimes enough attention focused on their asshattery ensures that the misery doesn’t go on, and on, and on. PS, I am in Tennessee–to the North of Georgia only geographically, not politically, alas!

Comment by Level Best

I agree Level Best! And welcome.
A large GA newspaper picked up this story up but it was soooo weak. I know some journalists from the paper and they are very much like “Whatever sells” politikin-blah-blah bullest shit ya ever heard, you-know-you-know.

If I am in another county can I *vote*? (I can however send letters and take a lil road trip down there)

“I am in Tennessee”

Another Southerner! Anyone smelling what *I’m* smelling??

Comment by pisaquaririse

You know, I’ve lived in California, Arizona, Florida, and D.C./Virginia and really, it’s all the same shit. Especially in the last four places listed.
Ohhh, if you get his fax number post it! I’ll find a way to send him photos of my (ruptured) hymen and cervix, along with a date underneath each photo in pretty cursive πŸ™‚
Hehehe…… ::rubbing hands together::

Comment by Lara

I like ‘midnight train to Georgia’ though, so maybe it’s inspired one good song? unfortunately we also have judges like that in the UK. Like the one who recently freed a man who had sex with an 11 year old – (she said she was 12) on the grounds that she was sexually knowledgeable…

You’re a better photographer than I am Lara if you can photograph your cervix. They can never find mine usually….

Comment by Polly Styrene

Well I dunno if I can photograph it myself πŸ˜›
Hmm, maybe I can draw it for him….or I can always just co-opt Twisty’s picture of a cervix from her blog.

Comment by Lara

I don’t think I ever even had a hymen.

Is it possible to fine judges for being misogynistic heartless knobends? Think of all the money that could be raised worldwide.

Comment by Laurelin

Don’t libel yourself by infering something that’s a flatout lie. Seems like some of you have a hard time accepting the facts as many courts have concluded. Accused males have no protection as do women when it comes to alleged sexual misconduct. I support rape shield laws, but not when it gives irresponsibility to extort. This entire saga is sad. Seems like only attorneys win.

Comment by Burke Day

Thank you so much for your “Fresh Manly Wisdom”. We get that you don’t think there is any such thing as rape, when you do it. An important part of the “Fresh Manly Wisdom Code”.

Comment by thebewilderness

Burke Day – accused males have the protection of the presumption of innocence. That means women have to prove that they did not consent to a sex act, which means women are presumed by our legal system to exist in a constant state of consent. Please excuse me while I weep for the suffering of the men. Ass.

Comment by Nine Deuce

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