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HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me and a big Fuck You to Individualism by pisaquaririse
March 18, 2008, 2:17 pm
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Yes, it was on this fine morning _____ years ago that I left the Mother Ship and began a lifelong journey of pissing people off.

Seeing as how I’m doing a fine job of that, let us address something that doesn’t exactly fulfill its own mantra: Individualism.

Individualism, I propose, works really really well when everyone lives in a cave unexposed to mass concepts like: language, norms, business, *society*.

Individualim, instead of meaning “I am my own person” should really be fleshed out as: “I am my own random-variable-accumulation of mass concepts.”

This would be why, when people challenge mass concepts, certain parts of people get called out.  Happens to *everyone* because we are not the individuals we are brought up to believe we are.

Until we begin woking toward cave dwelling lifestyles all I see comig from individualism is protection of mass concepts.

I shudder to think what the world would look like had Susan B. Anthony, Audre Lorde, or Betty Friedan thought everyone was just some *individual* and believed every women they saw smiling, and nodding their heads.

Fuck off individualism.

BTW, Pisaquari= My birth chart mix of Piscean, Aquarius and Aries placements.  (cool site for placement mapping: http://www.alabe.com).

Here’s to another year of blahhgular *BooYA’s*!!

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Happy Birthday, hon! Indian on me?


Comment by justicewalks

Thanks JW! (and welcome for pete’s-sake)
I was actually going to e-mail you today because things are going better…(with no mention of bday you relentless kind-hearted soul).

E-mail on the way!

Comment by pisaquaririse

Individualism aka “anything I do is Ok if it gives me pleasure” – cf morality and social conscience.

Individualist ‘feminism’ anything is ok if it gives a “woman” pleasure – even if it harms other women.

Fuck off – seconded.

Comment by polly styrene

Fuck off individualism – thirded!

Happy birthday Pisaquari! I always wondered about the name, and know I know…:) xx

Comment by Debs

*now* I know, for Gawd’s sake! xx

Comment by Debs

Welcome Polly!
““anything I do is Ok if it gives me pleasure” ”


Thanks for the birthday wishes Debs.

Comment by pisaquaririse

Happy Birthday, Pisaquari!

I agree with Polly Styrene. So, FUCK YOU INDIVIDUALISM teh FOURTH.

I hope it doesn’t sound too creepy, but I would love to read more of your thoughts on this. 😉

Comment by Mary Tracy9

Oh Mary Tracy you creepo!

ha! Someone wants my thoughts on something?

(I could probably formulate some run-ons for ya about individualism in post form. This post, though, sums up my feelings pretty well.
Would it be Individualism as applied to….?–something?)

And thanks!

Comment by pisaquaririse

Happy (mysterious) bday pisaquari 😛
The same day as my neice’s, several cousins/relatives, and one of my best friends. Not sure why there was such a scramble for this particular date?

Fuck off individualism – fifth’d.
(I am really clueless at the spelling of that)

Comment by stormy

Happy Birthday! I’ve just connected my placements and I’m Tauleoer…Woo I quite like it 🙂

Oh yeah and Indi(wotsits) can fuck right off too

Comment by sparklematrix

Congratulations on surviving another year in the bowels of patriarchy, you antiempowerfulmenterianist you.
Individualism! Just another fact free fraudulent belief constructed by the patriarchs in an effort to support the fact free fraudulent belief in male superiority. Faugh!

Comment by thebewilderness

“fifth’d.”= “oh ffs means 5!”

“Tauleoer”–is that taurus leo…and ?

Splenderific:”Just another fact free fraudulent belief constructed by the patriarchs in an effort to support the fact free fraudulent belief in male superiority.”

Thanks stormy, sparklematrix and bewilderness!

Comment by pisaquaririse

*“Tauleoer”–is that taurus leo…and ?*


Comment by sparklematrix

Did you agree with the really accurate, hifalutin-science, definition of you?

Comment by pisaquaririse

My friend is an astrologer and her chart is more accurate to my personality traits, in fact, hers is fucking spooky! However, she uses star placements and other stuff too.

Cue dramatic chipmunk music here…she says that astrologers get excited when they see charts like mine! I have the royal star Aldebaran that apparently is dead good.

Comment by sparklematrix

Happy birthday! 🙂

Comment by Laurelin

“I have the royal star Aldebaran that apparently is dead good.”

That sounds awesome and spooky indeed. Twilight-y.
I had my chart read once and was all “whoa! just like me!” about it till the woman told me I had some really rare star angle that Elizabeth Taylor had which would result in *a lot* of marriages!

Thanks Laurelin!

Comment by pisaquaririse

Dear Pisaquarie. Judgemental, small-minded and vacuous as ever.
Oooh star signs! Yeah ‘cos no-one ever calls women bimbos for being interested in that crap!
What is wrong with individualism? Really? That “don’t dare disagree or want euw icky power” style is sooooo 70s – and I am a feminist, but not *that* kind.
Because you only want asexual (can’t like men, can’t be euw lesbian!), white, non-trans, middle-class, women with the sexual attitudes of a particularly repressed victorian virgin.
You are just nasty and judgemental.

Comment by whooo

Trolls are so darling.

Comment by pisaquaririse

Asexual? Ugh, the old “Rad fems are anti-sex” rhetoric, that’s so silly…

Sorry to see you got trolls, Pisaquari.

Comment by Maggie Hays

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