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Asshat Morning DJ’s by pisaquaririse
March 13, 2008, 2:08 pm
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Why do I have to like rock music? Like flies to shit these rock dudes….

On my way to work this morning, turn to one of the local rock stations hoping for music (b/c who wants to start the morning off with jackasses talking??) and I don’t hear music so I go to turn the station and “what’s this??…’porn addictions'” I hear. Whoa! So I listen for a minute, gather they have collected a couple third party “expert” dudes to talk about porn addictions and it’s effect on men. One guy is of the religious variety (of course!) and the other just a college-aged “former addict” who now works to get men on some buddy system to help, as he said, ween guys off the stuff.

The DJ’s were just straight up asshats about it, no surprise there. And nothing new to report on the porn front.

The porn experts, who reported countless cases of men having a terrible time stopping were laughed at. Why is it so hard?– “Hard”–good one dude!! Or I don’t see the big deal. Everything in moderation. You should be able to put it down anytime.

All the DJ’s started off the little round table like they watched porn so intermittently it practically didn’t exist in their life. Then it comes out, throughout the discussion, they all have these DVD collections and internet files and must bide their time between their porn viewing and dinner or their daughter’s volleyball game or whatever. The collection just, somehow, kept growing and growing…

One guy called in and claimed, “Jesus would have loved porn. It makes people happy.”

Another caller, a woman, was all confused, because why was this stuff so hard to quit?? MAN UP, she said.

Another DJ, later, wrapped it up for us:”It’s not a big deal, it’s natural. Men have to spread their seed.”

I want to remind people that this is 2008 and men are still saying SPREAD THEIR SEED. What are you? A bumblebee?

You are not HARDWIRED for spewing everywhere. Get over it!

I turned to another rock station and the first thing I hear is “If your wife were crippled would you bang some sluts?”


So here’s my menz sympathy for the year: guys, you are going to have to be your own crusaders here and I actually feel for you. Women and men alike don’t want to come forth with what’s going on in the psyche of the pornsick. You are in a small small corner of the world and you are going to be made to feel smaller for it. Get used to it now.

Bumpy, rocky, jagged roads ahead.

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And then I get bashing for speaking against porn on the accounts that the “pro-porns” feel attacked. ATTACKED!

*sigh* no one said being a radical feminist was going to be easy, right?

Comment by Mary Tracy9

“And then I get bashing for speaking against porn on the accounts that the “pro-porns” feel attacked.”

Ahh, yes–that’s number 52 in “How to mis-characterize a Radical Feminist” Volume 8.
Conversations go a whopping NOWHERE when you got peeps involved with a *serious* case of

I speak out against the beauty industry and yet here I am with concealer on! I’m even Anti-ME!

“no one said being a radical feminist was going to be easy, right?”

Oh it’d be tons easy minus The World.


Comment by pisaquaririse

Ah, one of my favourite contradictions. ‘Rock dudes’ who purport to like all things alternative still in the main like to perpetuate patriarchal attitudes towards women. ‘Cause that’s rock ‘n’ roll, right? Porn/objectification of women and rock and roll have a v. close bond. Hardly an alternative to the mainstream.

Comment by lonergrrrl

Yeah. You so so sympathise with prostituted women as a feminist…
so why shame me and make me feel like a fucking idiot and slut on Debs’?
You know, when I dared to suggest that *maybe* porn is not *inherently* evil?
Some feminist.

Comment by Anon

I agree with anon 1.
The slut-shaming of Girl With A One Track mind etc. is hilarious.
A women enjoying HER sexuality, clearly NOT performing for teh menz…yet she is bad and slutty, no?

Comment by Anon

“‘Rock dudes’ who purport to like all things alternative still in the main like to perpetuate patriarchal attitudes towards women.”

Welcome lonergrrl!
Yeah the local rock/indie/hipster scene here is a nightmare. Apparently changing your clothes and hair is, like, WAY counter culture.
But you can’t tell them–they got “faux hawks”!!

Comment by pisaquaririse

It’s like this Anon…

You are clearly trolling. Anon, the second version, said they agreed with “Anon 1” before the comment was approved. Meaning: 1) You are the same person or 2) You are two different people in cahoots with each other.
Deceptive posting is trolling.

But, you see, *trolls have feelings too* so I’ll be WAY out of my evil radfem character here and respond to you (both?) like a person/people because I must pay repentance for all my slut shaming somehow yes?

“why shame me and make me feel like a fucking idiot and slut”

Did I shame you? How? And how does someone make another person “feel like an idiot”?
Or did I disagree with your points and challenge them?
Did I say *you* are shameful or that I thought one of your points was supporting the patriarchy? Take your pick.

Anon 2 gets a response when Anon 2 can comment without referencing “How to mis-characterize a Radical Feminist” Volume 8–see portion ‘What about ME!!!’.
(or being Anon 1’s echo)

Comment by pisaquaririse

The ol’ biological directive to “spread seed”!
What exactly are they planting, besides misogyny?

The Anono tag team are amusing. Posting one minute apart — what are you, contractions? At least make a half-hearted effort to look like different commenters.

My theory is that Anon2 is one hell of a speed reader and lightning-fast typist. 🙂

Comment by stormy

“Yeah. You so so sympathise with prostituted women as a feminist…
so why shame me and make me feel like a fucking idiot and slut on Debs’?
You know, when I dared to suggest that *maybe* porn is not *inherently* evil?
Some feminist.”

Do they mean me? Do the brave ‘anons’ mean this Debs? Do they? Do they? Cor, I am famous, then. x

Comment by Debs

It’s amazing how much of this high drama language was described as newspeak by Orwell. The media has used attacked as a synonym for disagreed with for so long that people have absorbed it into common usage. Talking like a self absorbed, entitled, asshat is considered reasonable discourse, but pointing out the asshattery is a cruel and vicious attack.

So these menz had a public radio roundtable discussion on how much time it is appropriate for them to spend jerking off to women being raped and abused. Another day they might have a nice chat about how much they should torture a person to get the ticking time bomb location. Funny how the menz having the chat never conceive of themselves being on the receiving end of the abuse, innit.

Comment by thebewilderness

Of course you are famous, Debs. But I looked all over your site and couldn’t figure out WTF the anonatrolls were talking about.

Comment by thebewilderness

Well, that’s why I’m not sure they mean me! No-one’s ever called anyone a slut on my site – I wouldn’t allow it I tell you!! x

Comment by Debs

Stormy you put the HAHA in snark. 😛

“The media has used attacked as a synonym for disagreed with for so long that people have absorbed it into common usage.”

Yes yes yes. There really is no “correct” way to tell someone you disagree anymore. If you say, essentially, *I don’t agree and here’s why* it’s immediately a Personal Attack.

And you know, really, I cannot think of the last time I was seriously offended online. Frustrated, confused, or downright mentally exhausted–but not “omg someone is hurting ME.”

And yeah Deb’s I believe she is talking about you. For some reason I recall the Girl With A One Track Mind name thrown around at your place–though I don’t remember any exchanges.

But you know what’s a little interesting about Anon 1’s post??
She says : “You so so sympathise with prostituted women as a feminist…”
and then goes on to ask “so why shame me”
–as in, since I got mad love for *prostitutes* surely there would be love in my heart for *sluts*. Like, why must I discriminate between different versions of “sluts”….
(Are you getting this Anon?? Perhaps it is YOU with the slut shaming complex)

Of course, I never call anyone a “slut” and wouldn’t. Hate the word. But I find her reasoning there more SHAMING (whoa! I used that word!) towards prostitutes than anything that had been said by me or any other radfem.

Comment by pisaquaririse

Oh, I remember now, we were talking about the desecration and vandalism of ancient goddess artifacts in India, and somehow one of the (not very bright) commenters decided that was the same thing as people attacking Girl With a One Track Mind. Or something. FFS.

“Frustrated, confused, or downright mentally exhausted” – that’s blogging for you! Why on earth do we do it? :/

Comment by Debs

Oh, I see the desecration of the ancient goddess artefacts (which I also blogged about) is comparable to a book “girl with a one-track mind”…This single remaining paper back is of significant and urgent importance to our culture and heritage?
We have a problem Houston – something is unplugged.

Comment by sparklematrix

I don’t even know what/who Girl With a One Track Mind is (it’s a book????).
In fact I think I had only one disagreement on Deb’s with someone about porn and why I did not believe in the existence of the “egalitarian” or whatever stuff.
ummmm, why am I dedicating time to being defensive?
Commence new post topic!!

Comment by pisaquaririse

I’ve just found out that initially is/was? a blog then a book was brought out of the same name.

Sorry, hardly stunning info but just in case anyone was wondering?

Comment by sparklematrix

So, here’s a question. What about us great big girly girls who like our porn? I have a collection (granted it consists of six DVDs, and about fifty computer files, but it’s a collection). My girlfriend lives half the country away, so it’s not like I can get my dose of sex from her every night. And I like sex of all sorts. So why would getting your rocks off (figuratively, of course) to consensual sex between consenting adults– male and female in all combinations– be somehow a bad thing? If it means you’re ignoring your responsibilities or your relationship that’s one thing, but they took time off to go to their kids’ recitals and, presumably to actually have sex with their wives and spend time with their family…

Comment by Linds

Linds welcome!

-um-I have no idea what a “girly girl” is or *means* in the context of this post.

And I can assure you, what with all my anti-pornines, my following responses will not be acceptable in your eyes.
So that said…

“consensual sex between consenting adults”

I would be interested in how you know the state of consent involved in the parties you are watching. And if you’ve ever considered the amount of trafficking/coercion involved in the sex industry to supply the footage readily available to most any consumer–for example: is your orgasm worth the chance it is not consensual and at what chance (% of coercion in the industry) do you stop watching, etc.

And basically you are asking me: hey, what’s so wrong with porn? (Or is it more, via all the personal info you’ve provided here, an attempt to make this whole post an insult at *you*? “Pisaquari attacked ME”, kinda-thing)

I don’t think porn or orgasm-inducing/arousing visual images of sex/sexuality would exist without gender, beauty standards, rape culture, entitlement, and power differentials.
All those are things I would like abolished.
All manifestations of them I would like abolished.

For those reasons I am completely against pornography.

Comment by pisaquaririse

“What are you? A bumblebee?”

I loved that part.
Keep it up, you kick butt.

Comment by Kate the Great

Welcome Kate the Great.

Yes bumblebees pollinate because they are Earth’s gardeners. 🙂
Men not so much.

Comment by pisaquaririse

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