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!!! Radfem *Come To Hay-Zeus* Meeting!!!! by pisaquaririse
February 24, 2008, 7:02 pm
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All right radfems of the Radfem Conspiracy Movement please answer the following… 

Have you or any other radfem you know ever done the following things:

1.  Said those involved in the sex industry do not deserve protection and safety.

2. Shamed or blamed a woman for her sexual behaviors.

3. Shamed or blamed a person for his/her activities or behaviors simply on the merit that they partake in those behaviors or activities.

–Extra credit to those who layout what they define as “blame” and “shame,” and how one manages to hate the system but not the individual.

Go little post…

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Three x no!

Comment by Laurelin

god no, on all three counts.

Comment by nectarine

Both 2 and 3, yes, yes of course. Blamed, on both counts. Then I smacked the bubbles out of my brain, woke up, smelled the coffee, and stopped myself before I sinned again.

Comment by thebewilderness

Since I became a radical feminist, no on all three counts and pretty much no even before that. Been called a slut and a whore by plenty of people though in my time.

Comment by delphyne

I have blamed people for their actions in the guise of “you should have realized this(bad thing)could happen”, without acknowledging the limitations of the choices they were faced with, and failing to understand that worse could have happened to them if they had chosen differently.

Comment by thebewilderness

1. Nope–never (before and after claiming feminism)
2. Not as a feminist*.
3. Once again, not as a feminist*.

*childhood and adolescence and teen years were full of dumb remarks I’m sure–there is no telling at this point.

Comment by pisaquaririse

Recently I let a friend know that I didn’t approve of the fact that she was sleeping with another woman who was in love with her and wanted an ongoing relationship, while my friend was very clear that she didn’t want a relationship and didn’t even really like this other woman, as evidenced by trash-talking and criticizing her relentlessly behind her back, and by characterizing their sexual relationship as “getting something” out of providing this other woman with a place to stay and temporary financial support.

If that’s shaming or blaming, well, I own it, because I think it’s wrong to treat another woman that way.

Comment by Amy's Brain Today

Welcome Amy’s Brain!

I don’t think that’s shaming/blaming at all. Calling out dishonesty, and not standing behind deception is the kind of thing we need MORE of. If she felt shamed or blamed I can only imagine it came from her own harbored guilt.

Comment by pisaquaririse

Probably, cos I’m evol, I can’t properly remember, and it all defends how you define shame/blame, and person. I mean does Max Mosley count? or does it have to be a real life person? yes I know he’s real, but not someone I know IRL and I think he’s more bothered about the News of the World than my blog. *grinds to a halt mired in post modern confusion*

Why is this suddenly in your top posts anyway Pisaquiri?

Comment by polly styrene

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