Buried Alive

Grown Ass Kid by pisaquaririse
February 2, 2008, 8:16 pm
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Short Rant: 

Why oh why of why’s is “adulthood” a hands-off status?

Why do “adults” think, when going about justifying an action, mentioning their departure from childhood matters?  That they now have the golden ticket to great decision making, or, more, that such decisions are above questioning because they are “adults”?

*When*, and at *what point* in history have “adults” totally gotten it right??

(I’m probably just blind–are toddlers the ones oppressing now? I know we are getting close but still…) 

 If you are a person you are not above questioning.  Alive or, even dead, your existence is imposing consequences on the rest of us and when you mark even part of your life/actions untouchable/unquestionable for WHATEVER reason you are aiding in the problem.   

Partriarchy in all it’s ageism will have you think your legal status/age is somehow equivalent with your ability to “do the right thing.”  But that’s a covert operation to keep you and others down, and hide the mechanisms being used against you. It means we turn off, turn away, stop thinking, and acquiesce. 

It means we keep playing dress up believing it is our (T)ruth. (re Gender)

 It means we keep playing house, only to depressingly become emotionally and financially invested in props.

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I’m not sure if I understand your whole meaning, the allusions, but I feel as if I do, and by saying that, I must shout out that my 26 year old child is on my last nerve right now.

Comment by ekittyglendower

Welcome ekitty!
Apologies you and your child are at odds–it happens.
And let me know if I can clarify.

Comment by pisaquaririse

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