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1st Carnival Against Pornography and Prostituion by pisaquaririse
January 28, 2008, 2:58 pm
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Close that dropped jaw–hell yes I am against pornography and prostitution.

Apparently a host of really awesome bloggers are as well:



(Thank you for your work on this Burning Times)

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Thanks for the plug! 😀 xx

Comment by Debs

Hey Pisaquaririse, I read something today and found it inspirational. I figured i’d share it. Quoting Beauvoir, “One cannot not act.” Choice and action are always present. “I am, “the face” of the other’s misery. I am the facticity of their situation.” Responsible for both their situation and their freedom. “First, I must be allowed to call to the ‘other’ and must struggle against those who would silence me. Secondly, there must be others who can respond to my call.” Just showing my support and giving you the five sided fistagon to let you know you have an ally.

Comment by WACC

That’s a pretty sweet quote WACC–thanks for sharing and, of course, that five sided fistagon!

Comment by pisaquaririse

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