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Word Price Index by pisaquaririse
January 23, 2008, 7:22 pm
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And I think for us to move forward with certain necessary changes we will have to stop using that phrase.   

We wouldn’t use speech if it were free—if it didn’t have meaning or value.  Then what would be the point?  (If you think you are bubble on Mars or that your levels of consciousness occur somewhere in the 6thdimension of time and space separate of your affective-ness then I’ve got a tinfoil hate with your name on it*.)

Humans have not reached droid status yet–predictions on when we will, however, are fodder for the comments section.

What the first amendment is really saying is that we should be able to use speech freely and without government interference.  I agree with that.  But people actually think speech is free–that it is practically void of its own currency.  (Or more, likely, they want to believe this rubbish because they are irresponsible toads without concern for others).

For radical feminism, the value of speech is set by how far it will take us from patriarchy.  Because speech was essentially made by Man we already have some parameters in place that make this process difficult.  But let’s compound that with the rest of reality: the majority of people on this Earth do not think like radical feminists/feminists, or are in anyway concerned for women’s condition, and a good many claiming to be so are more concerned with how many men find them sexy then how many women can rid themselves of the terror.

So what does that do to the speech that we use daily to try and explain our situation, or appeal to and help others?  It fucks it up.  We must constantly navigate this Feminist Word Market, making more words and concepts expensive or valuable so that when they are used they relay the kind of distance from patriarchy we are going for.  (For example, I wish I could put the word “liberate” in a vault for a thousand years with the combination inscribed on some rock on Radical Feminist Island found only by using the Radical Feminist Treasure map.)

So let us do a little exercise that includes a short economics lesson (this will not be a perfect analogy).   

Inflation= the consistent rise in prices that leads to each dollar being buying less and less of a good/service.  Basically, a decrease in one’s purchasing power.

Analogous definition:

Inflation= consistent overuse of words that leads to a decrease in ability to convey desired level of patriarchy-distancing.  Basically, words lose ability to “purchase” certain distances from patriarchy. 

Okay, I will start a list (obviously, you can contest this list, and-please-explain why–the exercise is the point). 

Inflated words













* “Dumbass”

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Although I am not American, I am always fascinated by the notion of free speech. For many many women have their speech censored on a day-to-day level.
When women attempt to speak out about male violence, their words are ridiculed or seen as madness. Anything so it cannot be heard that men should take responsibility for their violence and hatred to women.
I find the words you use very interesting. I speak as someone who writes on my experiences of male violence and how those words have been twisted.
“Choice”. That word has been used all the time against women survivors. For example, women make the choice to work in the sex trade. Utter nonsense. But, it does silenced survivors.
“Consent” is used so men have no responsiblity for their violence. It has the added bonus that it can make the woman or girl look guilty, and let the man off the hook.
“Freedom” not much of a reality when living with male violence.
“Want”. A woman’s wants become invisible when men’s needs must be meet.
“Right”. The woman should seen as always wrong when she attempts to speak out.
“Ownership”. Too many women have their minds and body own by violent men, for them this word to has little meaning.
“Empower” can be good, but often there very little access to any power that could make a real change.
“Liberate”, but not on the woman’s terms.
“Fantasy”. As an ex-prostitute, I hate that word for I had to become violent men’s fantasies for survival. Fantasy is how men view women, so they cannot see the harm that they have done.
“Pleasure” is mostly on men’s terms.
“Woman” is seen as a fantasy.
“Rape” is seen as disagreement. Only “rape” take can taken seriously is a violent rape of a “good girl”. All other “rapes” are not serious, and a sign that women are bitter or hysterical.
All these false beliefs are said to women who speak out about male violence. It is said to intimidate and ultimately silenced.
Therefore there no equal platform for free speech.

Comment by rmott62

Welcome rmott! (You did the extra credit version of this exercise–I’m lovin’ it)

I chose those words because I do see them as having potential to help but not at the rate they are being used. Not in the way they are being used.
It makes me so batty when they are thrown around with such frivolity by those who have never thought to wonder what they are rooted in–feminists are banking their entire philosophies on the supposed posession of these concepts.
But where/how it’s manifesting into real results I am not following.

Comment by pisaquaririse

Very awesome post and many kudos to Rebecca for her detailed explication of those words.

When women attempt to speak out about male violence, their words are ridiculed or seen as madness.

So true, Rebecca. The other day I was told by a woman I work with that it is sexist for there to be a women’s rooms on uni campuses. When I replied that men own the world, she totally shut me down and refused to hear why I thought that. And that happens to me all the time. Every time I speak up for women or as a woman I get shut down.

I am often caught with trying to use this man-made language to mean what I want it to mean. How many of the words we need to describe our condition are non-existent or their meanings are horribly mutilated by the malestream. At the moment over at women’s space we were talking about the word ‘feminist’ and ‘feminism’ which is a word that is quickly losing its radical roots and mind-saving, life-saving potential.

(For example, I wish I could put the word “liberate” in a vault for a thousand years with the combination inscribed on some rock on Radical Feminist Island found only by using the Radical Feminist Treasure map.)

There are so, so many words that need to be locked away in that vault. While you’re stashing ‘liberate’ you might also want to consider stashing: feminist, feminism, lesbian, love, woman… and I’m sure I’ll think of more.

Comment by allecto

choice: When a member of the un-free, subordinate sex class–within the constraints that the dominant sex class imposes upon her–makes decisions that support the system of male dominance and/or her survival within it.
(See also: agency)

Comment by xochitl

xochitl (welcome)– can you put that on a side of a mountain or something.
Spot on.

Comment by pisaquaririse

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