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Continental Divide by pisaquaririse
January 6, 2008, 5:43 am
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 What is the significant difference between the fundie war on porn and the radfem’s?


(ok, there are many–this one I find to be of great importance.)

You see in the “Jesus is my anti porn” camp, there is a frightening flaw: resisting porn means resisting temptation.  Temptation, not being the socially constructed variety, but the ohmygod-that’s-hot-no-matter-how-you-slice-it—justdon’tlook! variety. 

That’s bloody hopeless.

Why does porn have to be tempting?  Is sex trafficking tempting?  Are people in gendered clown suits tempting?  Is a bunch of obnoxious noise/fuss about peepee/poopoo holes tempting

Who the f*ck is sending all these lascivious memos to my paper shredder!?

(I’m of the idea that, in a more perfect world, nothing would ever be tempting in this way but I’m just so boring you can’t take it).

While surfing the anti-porn internets this evening I of course find myself being linked to Conservative sites.  And I’m not going to go running just because the site is run by Debbie from Minnesota, the Christian wife of a former addict, whose homepage is the family photo with exporn lover Bill looking all reformed and shit with those crazy eyes wired on God Cola.

Substance and content are my first interest.  If they include information on how porn affects the mind, who it exploits, the nature of the very beast, I’ll keep reading.  Where I get so eFFing confused is when they, after all this despicable info, say one must resist such temptation.  How do you have the nerve to call it that now?  Talk about perversion. 

(Am I splitting hairs?  Call it “dehumanizing,” “destructive,” “exploitative”–make the names match the facts.  But tempting??????????????????????????)

Everywhere I go, every fundie site I try give a chance there it is: don’t look!, avert your eyes from this succulent devil!, resist this temptation!!  Well hey I agree your eyes shouldn’t be having an extended vacation with the lingerie mag but, surely, if you don’t think the white elephant exists you won’t feel it in the room.

This is the kind of attitude that’s got America so fucked (I’m just sure of it).  We’ve sexualized power (submission/dominance).  We’ve sexualized lack of consent.  We’ve also sexualized our own hopelessness. 

In the radfem camp, however, we say: you don’t have to want porn.  You’re not innately aroused by it.  You can be anti-porn and anti-want-porn.  We allow intent to sit in the same room as want.  It’s a beautiful thing.

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The significant difference between feminists and both pornographers and fundies is that feminists want an end to the degradation as well as the celebration of the degradation of women.
The fundies and the pornographers are fighting over how the boot will be positioned on women’s neck. Feminists want the boot off womens neck.

Comment by thebewilderness

“The fundies and the pornographers are fighting over how the boot will be positioned on women’s neck. Feminists want the boot off womens neck.”

Right on! Bears repeating….

Comment by pisaquaririse

I like your post and it is on point where people seem to get confused. The line between ideology and reality. Sadly the masses are really in a dark room being told what to think and they take it as truth. Fantasy and fetishism take the place of the “real” or reality. The absurdity of pornography is easily realized, although people would rather die than think, in fact most do. The real proplem here is objectification. The reduction of everything in society to an object. (I hate to get all Marxist) but this is the consequenses of a capitalist society. Subjects (ie people) who are sentient beings are completely srtipped of their subjectivity snd free will. they are reduced to objects and then used as means to an end instead of treated as an end in themselves (ie due to their capacity of free will, “freedom”, reason etc.) I would suggest reading Jean Baudrillard. He is one of my favorite philosophers. We are so detached from reality and submerged in ideology we’re barely hanging on by a thread. Some examples include: “Icy Blast” gatorade, where does “icy blast” occur in nature? A plastic christmas tree, that looks “better” than a real tree. Touched up magazine photos. A manicured garden (ie nature as hyperreal). Finally and sadly Pornography which is wrongly considered “sexier than sex itself”. So sad and pathetic. Literally absurd in itself. People please dont let ficticious bullshit run your life. ENLIGHTMENT is the key. Enlightment = maturity.

Comment by WACC

“We are so detached from reality ”

Yes, and still, I don’t think we (general) would want reality. Reality is yucky,complicated, boring–there is no *pleasure* in our reality as pleasure is defined by patriarchy (i.e. artifical means you so well exemplified). Not only must we convince people that what they are experiencing is NOT reality we must ALSO navigate their pleasure-undoings: redfining “want” and “choice” and explain/show/live the happiness that is possible in our most immediate truths. Stopping the denial.
It is a grievous task, matched only in scale by the pain and lives it costs people daily, globally, generations deep. But I think, in many ways, people are quite suspect to the lives they lead even if only in moments or something more fleeting (most likely synched with their rating on the privilege scale).
The internet, no matter my IMMENSE critique of it, is another avenue for education and discussion.

Comment by pisaquaririse

I second and third WACC’s philosophical look at the unreal surrealism of sexism.

Comment by notalodge

sexism in that last post meant more specifically- the material means of sexualizing inequality-my bad

Comment by notalodge

Excellent point! And as always, Thebewilderness knows how to put it succinctly.

Yes, you get to do whatever you what. I only get squicky about the blog-o-rama because some people are scared of the name.

Comment by m Andrea

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